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About Founder


My name is Bithja Meus and I am the founder and owner of Bubbly Muse LLC. Bubbly Muse start  in September of 2019 when I was urged by my friends, family, and self to start this journey. The goal of Bubbly Muse is to expand and provide all essential face and body care items.

My skincare, self-care, and meditation routines go hand in hand. Focusing on taking care of my skin was an outlet for me when I was experiencing depression and anxiety. It was the one thing in my life I felt like I had control over when I felt like I had no control. In doing this, not only did I look good but I gained back the confidence I needed to keep on pushing through.  

I started the Bubbly Muse with the intention of empowering people with the opportunity to be in control of how they treat their bodies and to be confident in the skin that they’re in. Our bodies tend to be the first thing that we lose control of when we experience stress, anxiety, depression, grief, loss, etc. We gain weight or we lose weight. We overeat or don't eat at all. We don't get adequate sleep and the list goes on. Sometimes we need to stop and listen to our bodies, be in control, and thank our bodies for what it is able to do for us each day. 


 My name is Andre 

For questions, concerns, or more information you can contact Bubbly Muse at or leave a message by clicking Contact Us. You can also reach us on social platforms such as Instagram at bubblymuse or FaceBook at Bubbly Muse.